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The Health and Wellness Atlanta Team offers programs to cater to individuals looking to make healthy lifestyles changes in their busy lives. Health and Wellness Atlanta is dedicated to providing high quality fitness, nutrition and wellness services to the metro Atlanta area. We have experience working with individuals, creating corporate wellness programs and educating the Atlanta community about healthy lifestyles. Health and Wellness Atlanta offers a variety of programs for weight loss, overcoming chronic diseases,exercise prescriptions, nutritional guidance, wellness seminars and total wellness coaching. We focus on achieving total client satisfaction by giving our full attention to each client. In other words, we consider it a privilege for clients to trust us to help them realize their fitness goals. Each client will also learn the necessary skill sets that will ensure they maintain their results long after they are clients of ours.


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Stop the frustration of wanting to workout but not knowing which exercises to do. We have free workout videos take the guesss work out of getting in shape.

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Health and Wellness Atlanta is a uniquely specialized, highly qualified resource for corporate wellness and fitness education.When you turn to Health and Wellness Atlanta, you are connecting with a partner that can understand the importance of fitness in the work place and help you deliver wellness programs that save time and money, conserve valuable staff resources and offer your employees high-quality employee health and wellness services.

Healthy Lifestyle Seminars and Tips from Expert Author Ayana Roberts

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  • Healthy Workplace: Learn How to Reduce Stress and Workplace Injuries
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  • Health and Wellness Tips for the Busy Professional
  • 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss