Weight Loss Strategies for Busy People

In order for you to consistently fit exercise in your daily routine, you have to enjoy it.  Be honest with yourself, if you think running is best for weight loss and you don’t like to run, chances are you will quit.  There is a wide variety of fitness classes,  and group interval training sessions that can keep you engaged and motivated.  Most studios or gyms offer free 1 day guest passes, making it easy for you to try it out before you commit.

Planning ahead is very important part in achieving weight loss. Try to think ahead one week at a time.  Write down your schedule.  Include doctor appointments, meetings and social events.  This will give you an idea as to which days are best for scheduling workouts.  The next step is to put your exercise sessions on the calendar and give it high priority. If your schedule is jammed during the day, consider sacrificing evening and late night T.V. watching to get enough sleep for an early morning workout.  Exercise in the morning can fire up your metabolism and energize you. You may notice that you will be more productive during the day.

Planning meals is also very important.  Go to bed and get up early enough to start your day with a good breakfast.  Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do for weight loss.  Lunch and dinner are also important.  When grocery shopping, buy a variety of options for lunch and dinner. This decreases the frustration of planning a meal a couple of hours ahead of time. Keep in mind, planning weekly will help you with the long-term goal of setting a healthy eating routine that you can follow.
What if you plan out your day and you find you do not have an hour you can dedicate to a workout? The answer is to break up you workout routine into mini sessions throughout the day.  The key is to maintain a moderate intensity for aerobic workouts and incorporate full body exercises during resistance training sessions.  To get an idea of how this would work, look at the example below:

Morning Stretch w/ push-ups and crunches        5 min
Mini aerobic workout                                                15min
Park far away from office door                                2min
Take Stairs                                                                   1-2 min (total for day)
Lunch time walk                                                         15min
Mid-afternoon stretch                                               3 min
Walk to car at end of day                                          2 min
Mini resistance training workout                          15min
Daily chores                                                               5min
Total                                                                            64 minutes

You can easily fit an exercise and healthy eating routine in your busy schedule with proper planning and dedication.  Get moving!

For more information on at home workouts visit: Free at home workouts now.